Company Profile


        Hubei Meny Protection Facilities Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, specializes in the development and manufacturing of high quality galvanized steel railings including balcony railings ,stair railings,fences,louvers and window guardrails.


     Our products are high strength,artistic,fully assembled,easy to transport and install,maintenance free and corrosion resistant for more than 30 years.

     Meny is devoted to technological innovation and owns more than 200 national patents.We have revolutionized the traditional railing structure and workmanship that has been followed for more than 3,000 years,and brought the railing manufacturing technology to a new historical peak, the quality of the guardrail has therefore occurred a qualitative leap.

     The company has a professional team with sufficient experience in the design, manufacture and installation of railings,we will help you find solutions that are specific to your railing need.